Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Offshore Business Unit
1. Engineer, Project
2. Executive, Project - Progress Report Writer
3. Lead Commercial Executive (Structural/E&I/Mechanical/Piping)
4. Lead/Senior Executive (Structural/E&I/Mechanical/Piping)
5. Proposal Manager
 6. Technical Executive, Mechanical/Piping
7. Executive, Central Reporting
8. Planning Engineer
9. Technical Executive, Electrical
10. Technical Executive, Instrumentation
11. Technical Executive, Mechnical
12. Technical Executive, Piping
13. Technician (Overhead Crane)
Marine Repair Business Unit
 1. Foreman, Blasting and Painting
2. Authorised Gas Tester
3. Supervisor, HSE
4. Lead, Scaffolding
5. Technical Executive, Blasting & Painting
6. Technical Executive, System and Accredition (QA/QC)
7. Lead HSE Compliance & Implementation
8. Project Superintendent
9.QC Inspector
10. Technical Executive, Marine, Structure  and Maintenance
Yard Optimisation
 1.Planning Engineer
 3.Manager, Contract Administration
4.Project Manager
7.Technical Executive, Civil & Structural
8.Supervisor, Mechanical & Electrical 
9.Supervisor, Civil & Structural
10.Technical Executive, Mechanical & Electrical
 Corporate QHSE
 1. Executive, Internal Audit
2. Executive, Training (Technical & QHSE Training)
 Administrative Services
 1. Executive, Facilities Management
2. Supervisor, Structural
Finance & Planning
 1. Executive Analysis
2. Executive Reporting
 1. Manager, Legal/Government Communication
 Supply Chain Management
 1. Expeditor
2. Purchasing Executive

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Sime Darby and Mustang Engineering Forms JV

Evening guys.Seems that lately I have been posting more news instead of my common posting ;) Reasons why, there was a lot of biggie newzz hits local oil and gas. It is noted that Sime Darby's Energy and Utility division forms partnership with Houston's Mustang Engineering. Maybe they will sit close to his brother JP Kenny @ Kia Peng. Just wondering which projects they are gonna bid for, O I mean local hehe. Today's newspaper mention that PETRONAS are forward in developing marginal and enhanced recovery through RSC(Risk Sharing Contract) as an alternate for PSC.
HOUSTON -- Mustang and Sime Darby’s Energy & Utilities Division have entered into a joint-venture to form Mustang Sime Darby. The new company will provide project management, design, and procurement support services for the Southeast Asian oil and gas industry from a regional hub in Kuala Lumpur. The venture also will expand Mustang’s global presence in Southeast Asia

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ramunia Takeover Oilfab Yard?

Woot..Last time I thought they gonna be in Sandakan, which is nice to say to support Sabah Oil & Gas industry. Are they gonna operates both yards? Jadi ke xjadi kat Sabah ni bah?

PETALING JAYA: Oilcorp Bhd, via its 51%-owned indirect subsidiary Oilfab Sdn Bhd, has accepted an offer from Ramunia Holdings Bhd to acquire the Pulau Indah Integrated Fabrication Yard for RM83.8mil.
In a note to Bursa Malaysia yesterday, Ramunia said the acquisition would give it access to a fabrication yard that was duly equipped with ready infrastructure that would allow the company to commence operations immediately if need be.
“Notwithstanding the disposal of the Teluk Ramunia fabrication yard which was completed in April 2010, Ramunia intends to continue its decade-long history of fabricating offshore structures for the oil and gas industry at a strategically located and proven location.
“The proposed acquisition will also provide us an immediate opportunity to participate in fabrication contracts as recently announced by the Malaysian Government as part of the Economic Transformation Programme for the oil and gas sector,” it said.
Ramunia said the acquisition would bode well for the company in its effort to maintain its position as a key player in this closed-market segment where current barrier to entry was high. “Moving forward, the proposed acquisition is expected to contribute positively to the future earnings of the company.”
Taken from The Star

RNZ Integrated Denies SDE Claims

This gonna be a break-up period. Fabricator blames the consultant and fires it back. Is it b2b? Yeaww..However, as a lesson, never admits that you made a mistake. You never did and you'll never walk alone...Trust me,

KUALA LUMPUR: RNZ Integrated (M) Sdn Bhd has denied it was incapable of undertaking the detailed design work for the Maersk Oil Qatar (MOQ) project for Sime Darby Enginering Sdn Bhd (SDE).
Managing director/chief executive officer Rozali Ahmad said RNZ had achieved ISO9001 certification for provision of engineering, design, procurement assistance and project management services for the development and modification of oil and gas production, installation and process facilities.
“RNZ has the reputation for successful execution of numerous projects in Malaysia, Sudan, India, Vietnam, Turkmenistan, Iran and Qatar,” he told Bernama yesterday.
Rozali said RNZ had been involved in the Sumandak Selatan integrated development project (offshore Sabah), Bunga Tulip A development project (Malaysia-Vietnam border), Tanjong Langsat Port oil development project (Johor), Muglad Basin development project and Bashayer 2 marine terminal (Sudan) and Monopod development project (India).
“Hence, the allegations were baseless. RNZ has the expertise, competency and financial capacity to undertake the MOQ project,” he said.
In recent press reports, Sime Darby Bhd had claimed the decision made by its former president/group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Ahmad Zubir Murshid, along with four other executives, to appoint RNZ was a mistake.
It claimed that RNZ did not have the necessary experience nor the expertise to design the plans for the MOQ project.
Rozali said RNZ's involvement with SDE started in 2006 when it was awarded the Sumandak Selatan development project Phase 2, which has similar facilities like those in the MOQ project. “RNZ completed the project ahead of the time stipulated,” he said.
On the MOQ project, Rozali said SDE had proposed RNZ as an alternative engineering consultant in 2007 to undertake the detail engineering works based on the successful execution of the Sumandak Selatan project and especially when Ranhill Worley Parson's proposal for a multi-location to undertake the work was rejected by MOQ and SDE. - Bernama
Taken from The Star

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Career Sharing: Fresh Graduates and Oil & Gas


Lama sudah ana tidak blogging. Mcmana la nk capai inspirasi blogger boy. Aiseh, diam x diam dah nk dkat amfat bulan lah ana start blogging. Ana tgk ramai ente2 kt luar sana adlah fresh graduates. Jadi ana dan ana rafalilah, ingin berkongsi dgn fresh graduates.. Ana harap yg 15 yrs experience pon leh share korg nyer opinion skali. So, first skali aku amek statement ni from one of the comments left in this blog.

Salam, bro blh tlg share skit tak, klau fresh grad - bachelor in mechanical, company mane y bagus utk develop career dlm O&G nh. Skrg ni sy dlm final sem, belum grad lg n agak blur mcmne nk start berkecimpung dlm O&G nh. Selalu nye most companies nk hire yg experience je.

Hmm..Mechanical..sebut mekanikal tu mcm pegi kedai beli pisang..pisang raja ada, pisang tanduk ada, pisang emas ada, pisang diatas peti pun ada.. So, my points is there are many areas in oil and gas that involves mechanical discipline. Of koslah company2 kebanyakannya looking for experience personnel. Reasons why,  you know why aite? Kalau aku bkak company drilling cap ayam pon aku most akan look for experienced   Ye lah..kalu x lingkop la company..Fresh grads ni amek bile rase nk sustain human capital in the organisation jer..So, the bigger the company, the bigger chances they hire numbers of graduates...Tapi ingat chances still rendah since competitions sgt tight..Ckp kosong je nih..jom borak yang ada isi sikit..

Design & Engineering 

Haa..kt sini bidang2 consultant..If you are mechanical graduates, kt sini you can be Mechanical Engineer / designer and you also can apply for Piping Engineer / Designer. Tapi apa yang aku boleh rekomenkan, rembat je pape position since korang Fresh Graduates. Nanti pepandai la HR exec tu slot-in kan korang punye resume. Just a few.
Technip Geoproduction
DPS Bristol